How to Get Great Wedding Hair

2 years ago

Every bride wants to look and feel her best on her wedding day. Trying to decide what sort of wedding hairstyle you should have, whether you should grow your hair longer, have an updo, or leave it down, curly or straight – can be a decision nightmare. Ensuring that your skin is at its absolute best is a must, and practicing different types of makeup before the day will take some of the stress away.

The secret of good wedding hair is to be well prepared beforehand. Be sure that you opt for a style that you know suits you and you will feel comfortable with. It’s not good to have a head tightly pulled back full of hairgrips, giving you the worse headache ever on your wedding day. If you are used to seeing yourself with your hair up, then investigate updos. If more natural is your style, leave it down, straight or curly. Most hairdressers are able to curl even the most stubbornly straight tresses that will stay in all day.

Start looking at wedding styles in bridal magazines, cut out the ones you think work for you and stick them into your wedding folder. Once your wedding date is confirmed, and your have sourced your hairdresser you should have a couple of trial runs.  Take along your wedding accessories with you, to be sure they work with the hairstyle.  Nothing could be worse than deciding on the style, and then finding out they don’t work with your bridal hair accessories on the day.

You really want your hair to be in tip top condition, so start on hair treatments and regular cuts every 6-8 weeks to keep your locks shiny. Consider changing the colour or having subtle highlights or lowlights weaved through the hair.

Don’t get your hair cut and coloured just before your wedding day, hairs needs at least a week to settle into it. Also if you are having an updo, don’t wash your hair on the day of the wedding, or it will be too slippery to pin up. Day old washed hair works much better. Also think about the weather and your hair. If you get a frizzy mess in damp conditions, then you will need to take this into account when deciding on your style.


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